What you receive

What you will receive

Once you have become a member you will receive instructions on trade ideas which will be sent straight to your inbox, it could be on anything, Stocks, Commodities, Indices, Sectors, Currencies etc.

First, you will receive an ‘Alert’ message, advising you of a trade Idea and one that I personally will be taking. The Alert message will be brief, consisting of the type (forex, stocks etc) and name of the asset, and the direction of trade (Long or Short).

Shortly after the ‘Alert’ message (hours/days), you will receive a ‘Take Action’ message, with all the relevant information.

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Alert Message

The purpose of the ‘Alert’ message is to give you time to prepare to trade, a ‘Heads up’ if you like.

Take Action Message

The ‘Take Action’ message will come to you in the form of a PDF straight to your inbox. The information given will consist of, a Buy or Sell signal, a Stop Loss level and a target (take profit) level when applicable, a chart showing basic technical analysis, the PROs and CONs of taking this trade (to help you balance out the risk) and a report giving further insight to support the trade set-up. 

The trading signals and Ideas that we provide to our members are trades that Steven will personally be taking. Please ensure that you consider your position size when placing trades relevant to the overall funds in your account, we recommend risking no more than 3% per trade.

As well as risk management, choose a suitable investment vehicle that meets your portfolio objectives.