How to Profit with Our Smart Money Trades

‘Leave the Data Reading to Us, It’s What We Do!’

We offer a unique service on our Bundle Packages. Each trade Idea you receive is carefully selected from a list of trades that the ‘Smart Money’ have heavy exposure on, we obtain this information from various official data providers such as the Commitment of Traders Report (COT) published every Friday at 15.30 pm Eastern time, which breaks down the total open interest as of each Tuesday’s settlement for markets held amongst 3 groups of traders (Commercials, Non Commercials and Non Reportables). 

The Trade Ideas we select for our members are based on the exposure held by the Commercial Hedgers (Commonly known as the ‘Smart Money’) WHEN they reach an extreme. Finding extremes amongst the ‘Smart Money’ is important because this is when the Smart Money tends to drive the markets. 

 Examples below show how assets perform when the Smart Money reaches an extreme. 

Gold (Weekly Chart)

Sugar (Weekly Chart)


British Pound (GBP) Currency Index Weekly Chart

Nasdaq 100 Weekly Chart

5 Year T-Note Weekly Chart

It typically pays to follow the ‘Smart Money’ once they have reached an extreme, they have an excellent handle on the underlying markets and have proven themselves over time to make overall consistent gains.

In order for you to take full advantage of our ‘Smart Money’ trade Ideas, we recommend a medium-term holding period (3-12 weeks).


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