2020 July

  • Bears-pile
    NZD/CAD Bears Pile In for Leg Down

    The NZD/CAD currency pair has been in a long term downtrend since the highs of November 2016, creating lower swing highs along the way.

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  • Resistance-Zone
    EUR/USD Hovers Around Resistance Zone

    The EUR/USD currency pair is currently hovering around a long term resistance zone on the daily chart which previously got rejected on March 10th of this year and again on the 10th of June

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  • T-Note-Shorts
    T-Note Shorts Comfort Financials

    Financials (XLF) are down 22% so far this year, one of the worst performing sectors second to Energy (XLE). Financials report Q2 earnings this week

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    USD/TRY About to Fire in 3…2…1…

    The Bollinger Band Indicator was developed by John Bollinger back in the 80s. It’s an indicator that is widely used amongst traders and analysts.

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  • Time-for-a-Breather
    Time for a Breather… A Look at the SSE

    The rally of late has driven prices on the Shanghai Composite (SSE) to a 52 week high, smashing through key resistance levels along the way.

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