My name is Steven Mylonas founder of Bottomcatcher.com

Bottomcatcher is an independent investment research firm dedicated to providing trading content to its members enabling them to become profitable when trading the markets.

We provide Alert, Buy & Sell signals on assets ‘we know’ have above average odds of success.

Research and analysis is our foundation for building a case on an asset we intend on trading.

Our primary focus is to Identify breakouts and Inflection points on all assets using a combination of Technical, Fundamental & Sentiment analysis. 


Being a natural contrarian, was one of the fundamental reasons that helped me become a successful trader. Unlike most investors, I tend to look for opportunities where other people aren’t. Contrarian investing simply means to go against the crowd, and to be dubious of market sentiment. 

A consistent mistake the average investor makes is to follow the crowd and pump money into stocks or assets after they’ve already performed, only to find themselves on the wrong side of the trade.

I learnt from early on that sentiment and crowd behaviour contributes enormously to price action. Emotions ultimately drive prices, there’s not necessarily or always a rational explanation as to why prices move the way they do. An excellent example of this can be seen at major highs or lows, you are likely to notice increased volatility in these circumstances which don’t correspond with data or changes in a company or an assets metrics. Emotions, particularly fear for the most part is the driving force behind the volatility. 

Having the ability to recognise, and understand the cycle of investor or market emotions allowed me to look at the markets with a completely different perspective than the majority.


Based on this strategy alone, I was able to separate myself from the crowd and make opposing decisions which worked to my advantage almost every time. Having a contrarian approach to anything in life goes against human nature, generally speaking, we don’t like to stand out from the crowd, most people just aren’t wired that way. And this is without question a big factor as to why so many people lose money in the markets. 

This site was created to provide investors with content that will help improve their decision making. I take a great deal of the confusing, jumbled, monetary noise out there and channel it down into a compact, noteworthy arrangement of information to assist you with making the most educated moves.

My primary focus is on identifying short term opportunities in stocks, that’s the bulk of my daily work schedule. Short term can mean anything up to a few weeks, but usually, I am in and out of trades within a week or two. The strategies and methods I employ when choosing stocks, consist of scanning multiple companies daily using a specific set of parameters that over the years I have finely tuned and consistently tweak to my requirements to find high probability opportunities. The results when combined with technical analysis usually result in a breakout or a strong move thereafter. 

Commodities that I select on the other hand are for the mid to long term holding periods. These are what I like to call my ‘Smart Money’ trades. The reason for this is down to the strategy I utilise when identifying these assets. Unlike most investors, who perhaps follow institutions, I prefer to pay attention to what the Commercial hedgers are doing (more commonly known as the ‘Smart Money’ hedgers) ‘WHEN’ they reach an extreme. Unlike conventional traders, Commercial hedgers are the producers, they play a big part in controlling supply and demand. For this reason, they have an excellent handle on the underlying market and have the ability and tend to drive markets when they reach an extreme.

The Corn chart below shows how Commercial hedgers drove the market when they held ‘extreme’ bearish exposure. The black indicator line at the bottom of the chart represents the Commercial hedgers. The red circles show when they were at extremes. The top chart shows the performance of corn.


Notice how corn declined when commercial hedgers held extreme bearish exposure. This is usually the case, particularly in commodities. These trade set-up opportunities don’t come around as often as opportunities in stocks do, however when they do present themselves it’s well worth adding them to your portfolio.

Our Mission

Our mission at Bottomcatcher is to empower our members with knowledge and information in order to help them feel confident when making trading decisions. By having a constructive approach to the markets we lessen emotions allowing us to think logically and clearly about ‘what’ and ‘when’ to trade an asset. Our easy to follow research allows traders at all levels to benefit from our trade suggestions at a glance. 

Start with a Constructive Approach to Trading the Markets