My name is Steven Mylonas founder of Bottomcatcher.com

Bottomcatcher is an independent investment research firm dedicated to providing trading content to its members enabling them to become profitable when trading the markets.

We provide Alert, Buy & Sell signals on assets ‘we know’ have above average odds of success.

Research and analysis is our foundation for building a case on an asset we intend on trading.

Our primary focus is to Identify breakouts and Inflection points on all assets using a combination of Technical, Fundamental & Sentiment analysis. 

For Us, It’s All About Catching Breakouts And Identifying Inflection Points

With over 20 years of experience, Steven has developed an uncanny ability to identify breakouts and Inflection points, check out his Blog to see examples of this and how these high probability trade set-ups on a variety of assets benefit Day Traders for quick profit-taking and Swing Traders who prefer to get the meat of the trend.

Bottomcatcher ...On Stocks

Bottomcatcher’s Stock Picks exhibit the most promising stocks that have triggered our breakout entry-level. With these particular trade set-ups, you can expect to be in profit almost immediately with minimum risk.

For quick profit-taking, we Identify and act on breakouts.. It’s that simple! Our focus is on Chart Patterns, Price Action and Volume. No need to overcomplicate things.

For the medium-long term holding periods, we delve deep into Fundamental Data along with Technical Analysis to determine position size and when to get into position. 

..On Forex

Our Forex signals are sent out to our members just before a breakout or reversal is about to take place. Our proven and reliable approach warrants a high likelihood of overall consistent gains.

Using Technical and Sentiment Analysis we Identify high probability trade set-ups at critical inflection points, enabling Day and Swing Traders to benefit financially with minimum risk.

Most of our trade suggestions have been monitored for Days sometimes Weeks before sending out signals to our members.

..On Commodities, Sectors & Indices

These are what we like to call our ‘Smart Money’ Trades. These trade set-ups are for the short-medium term but can be used for quick profit-taking if you’re Day Trading. In order to identify high probability trade set-ups on these specific assets, we monitor and follow the Commercial Hedgers (more commonly known as ‘Smart Money Hedgers’) WHEN they reach an extreme. You can see examples of what we mean by this here and here

Our Mission

Our mission at Bottomcatcher is to empower our members with knowledge and information in order to help them feel confident when making trading decisions. By having a constructive approach to the markets we lessen emotions allowing us to think logically and clearly about ‘what’ and ‘when’ to trade an asset. Our easy to follow research allows traders at all levels to benefit from our trade suggestions at a glance. 

Start with a Constructive Approach to Trading the Markets