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All traders share a common goal, and that is to grow their trading accounts. Although constantly striving towards this goal, many traders experience difficulties along the way. The main reasons for this are usually down to poor risk management, timing the markets, along with expectations. 

We provide a variety of information/signal service packages to suit traders at all levels, we offer online support to all our members, so feel free to ask any questions. 

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Outperform the Markets and the Pros by gaining exclusive access to our ‘Smart Money’ Trades…

The term ‘Smart Money’ comes in a variety of forms. When traders talk about Smart Money, they are often referring to Corporate insider buyers, experienced or well informed investors or simply institutions or fund establishments.

However, there is also the ‘Smart Money Hedgers’ to consider which have a much more superior track record than the above when it comes to forecasting future price moves. You want to be right alongside the Smart Money Hedgers WHEN the reach an extreme, which is what we at Bottomcatcher specialise in…

Our Bundle Packages offer an assortment of Smart Money trade Set-Ups each month on a variety of assets which will benefit Short to Mid-Term holders who are looking for good returns on their investment.


Bottomcatchers core objective is to help traders grow their portfolios in a relaxed environment.
We are constantly striving to ensure customer satisfaction by delivering unique content, saving you time and effort.
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